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breast milk

11 years ago | 10642 Views

Breast-feeding provides all of the nutritional, immunologic, and psychological requirements needed for a healthy, term infant to thrive, and it also benefits maternal health and well-being. Health organizations throughout the world recommend exclusive breast-feeding for 6 months.

However, mothers in many countries and communities supplement breast-feeding with other fluids or foods before the infant is 6 months old, suggesting perceived benefits of early supplementation or lack of awareness of the possible risks.

in zimbabwe, 5.8% of mothers breast feed for the recommended 6 months without supplementing. this predisposes the child into serious health problems which can be avoided. it has been shown that giving a child water has no advantage at all. mothers are supposed to breast feed their children upto 24 months. in zimbabwe, less than 10% of mothers do so.

this causes the health of the child to be impaired. the cognitive, psychological and physical well being is affected. this will have a big impact on the society and development of the country as 90% of mothers do not adhere to health advice on breastfeeding and its benefits.

i encourage every mother to breast feed for 6 months exclusively and wean the child after full two months. exclusive breastfeeding is breastfeeding only, without taking any supplement, inc water. if you have any question concerning breast milk and feeding feel free to ask.

3 Khumalo


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Anonymous user 11 years
How about mother going to work how do you breast feed for 6 months without supplementing when you start going to work and the child is with a maid all day long
Khumalo 11 years
ok anonymous user...true that people who are at work usually have problems in terms of offering the best health for the child. as a mother u must know that u have to breastfeed your baby for 6months exclusively. this creates a good bond between the child and the mother, as well as the advantages stated on the above article. offer what is best for yo child.
Khumalo 11 years
to the anonymous user
there is what is called expressed breastfeeding where u can put yo breast milk in a container so that the child can drink it when u are nolonger around. this help the mother to manage to work whilst breastfeeding, and the child will still be getting enough breastmilk. disadvantage is that most mothers cant manage to really keep bottles for milk sterile
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